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Gregory Charles with Carmen Electra on MTV Gregory is a renowned astrologer who has often been interviewed on national TV and radio and whose horoscopes have been published in many countries over the past 17 years. His astrology clients have included Carmen Electra (MTV), Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and hundreds of others around the world. He has been an astrological consultant to corporations, CEO’s, academics, journalists, doctors, stockbrokers, politicians and others.


“He is the only astrologer I ever had and the bastard nailed me.  I said he was dangerous. He’s better than good.”  - Dr.Hunter S. Thompson


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Weekly Astrology from April 21 | Weekly Overview

Happy Easter - this ancient heathen holiday to the goddess Ishtar!

It is a time of renewal and regeneration after winter, and we are will be feeling fecund (love that word: fertile, productive of new life) and ready for new projects, big changes and getting on with things. Thankfully this week's astrology supports all of that with a Big Bang of energy straight out of the gate!

Jupiter is now retrograde until August. It is the planet of “good luck” and expansion, travel and higher learning. With the retrograde, it brings back missed opportunities, often in a better form. It is also about justice so make sure you are being totally legal and ethical !!

With Jupiter being in its own sign of Sagittarius, it is a great time to ‘fly high’ and dream big. How BIG do you want your world, your life, your visions to be? What is your highest vision for the life you would choose if you could have it? Well you can and right now there is magic aplenty to help manifest your dreams. Write them down! If you want a really brilliant process for doing this, for writing a new “movie script” for your life, then email me and I shall send the process steps to you in a pdf, as my gift to you. I have used this process with thousands of people, including myself, in seminars over the years and it focuses your ability to create your high dream. So mail me at

We now have Venus in Aries for a month and she is frisky after a month in emotional Pisces, now she wants some hot action! Fun, play, flirting, partying and generally kicking her heals up for some Spring movement of vibrant energy awakening again.

She is also getting a big boost of healing so you will feel much better about yourself and what is now coming, and you will be more open to love and beauty in the world, and in you.

The Sun starts a month in Taurus, usually a sedate and calming time, but this week it kicks off with revolution, change and even upheaval in your physical reality. The story changes… you move house or get new furniture or a new car, or your stocks shoot up, or down… Get used to physical reality shifting and morphing around you as the world changes, the very ground we are standing on shifts and rumbles, and things change quickly.

We all meed to master rolling with the changes, and with the energy of them, so life is like surfing the waves of change. The alternative choice is to resist the changes and usually get swamped by those same waves.

When Darwin talked about “survival of the fittest” he did not… NOT… mean the strongest. No, he meant the ability to adapt. The fittest creatures were those that could adapt, and so could change, and grow, and evolve into something better and more refined. Like we humans did, and do and must now do a lot more of because the changes are here. Do not fear them, just adapt, roll with it and enjoy the waves!

So yet again it is a rock & roll week!

Make it an amazing one!

Peace & Love,


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I enjoy being paid for these sessions of course, and leave it to you to reflect the value I give you with money. Some people go way past that and get involved in support and service roles with me and around me and my growing team, and if that speaks to you, then talk with me!!


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