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Gregory Charles with Carmen Electra on MTV Gregory is a renowned astrologer who has often been interviewed on national TV and radio and whose horoscopes have been published in many countries over the past 17 years. His astrology clients have included Carmen Electra (MTV), Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and hundreds of others around the world. He has been an astrological consultant to corporations, CEO’s, academics, journalists, doctors, stockbrokers, politicians and others.


“He is the only astrologer I ever had and the bastard nailed me.  I said he was dangerous. He’s better than good.”  - Dr.Hunter S. Thompson


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Weekly Astrology from October 13 | Weekly Overview


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We have a Full Moon in Aries on the 13th and that will really get things moving in a big way.

And about time.

There will also be some tension as well.

For a full take on the Full Moon visit my favorite astrologer...

We have been getting more and more clear about what we need to do and change to release the rough space we have been in which for some people has been prison-like, and for others a torture, yet others just feeling stuck and not enjoying things - that all depended on what was being triggered in your personal chart. And now we all are on the move to a better place and space in our lives.

The tougher it has been the bigger the sense of release and relief you will experience, and the more rewards will flow as a result of having gone through it all and mastered the challenge.

You will be also getting lots of clarity about what it was all about - the lessons learned, the issues mastered, the karma completed and the value collected to move forward.

It will still be a very intense time, very “birthy”, and it will be your choice to step forward and leave the comfort of a familiar prison for the uncertainty of an unfamiliar future, but be assured, what awaits you will… WILL be so much better. Just let go and flow and you will be guided to your next place of living.

Expect some surprises too! New directions, new values, now opportunities on offer.

Along the way this week your mind will be getting much clearer about your personal reality and opening more to spiritual and psychic guidance.

All of this is wrapped up in a big dose of “woopee” - of understanding, expansion and enjoyment of “at last!”

There is really nothing you can do except to let go and enjoy the ride as it unfolds!!

Have a wonderful week!

Peace & Love,


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