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Love Guru: You Lucky, Lucky human

Always remember that you already are wealthy beyond the dreams of kings past just by dint of the fact that you have a computer to read these words on, so stop complaining, stop forgetting that you are blessed with richness and abundance and every day remind yourself of it and live the truth of it!!  | Read More


As a young hippie I totally bought into the notion that all we needed was love. I took that to mean that all I needed to get through life, and go through life, and have the full experience, the complete journey, that all I needed to do was to approach and interact from a place of love.  | Read More

Love Guru: Soul mates

Groucho Marx famously said: “I would not want to be a member of any club that would have me.” Likewise most people want soul mates who are way more wonderful, loving, perfect than they are! Not going to happen. So how do we find a soul mate? Simple.   | Read More

Love Guru: Sexy Self Loving

The energies of this week are wild, alive, unpredictable, sexual, loving and needing to break out and explore, to let go of the old and venture into the new. As well it involves our heart, love and value and the opportunity to bring them all together into the one space, at one time, instead of splitting the different aspects of ourselves off and compartmentalizing them.  | Read More

Love Guru: Nothing But The Truth

“The Truth… the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, so help me God.” No wonder they add “so help me God”. To know and tell the whole truth you will certainly need some of God’s help, or some God's help. This judicial oath is utterly misleading. It makes the absurd, arrogant, and audacious supposition that anyone could state the whole truth from a witness box.  | Read More

Love Guru: In Transition

A friend posted on FB a cartoon... a black square with 2 wide-open white eyes in the middle and the words: “I know one door closes and another one opens, but these hallways are a bitch!”  | Read More

Love Guru: On Being Lazy

It is true: I am committed to laziness, but not as a rebellion against productivity or effectiveness but in fact to increase them. When I speak of laziness I speak of spending much time doing nothing.   | Read More

Love Guru: Making Love

I love the term “making love” because it clearly states that we are creating something new, something out of nothing, and that is exactly what we are actually doing.   | Read More

Love Guru: Permissions & More

I have been aware for a long time that at times in my life I would screw up and say aloud: “god I am brain dead.” I would hear myself say it and wonder why I said it and where it came from. Over time I realized I felt like a part of my brain WAS dead-ened since I was given some medication (only once) as a kid of about 9 to “settle me down” as I was a boppy double air fun, playful kid and they were both double water, rather serious and intense parents who could not handle TOO much fun!  | Read More

Love Guru: Creating Intimacy

This is a great time to be creating more and deeper intimacy, and the key to doing that is in the word itself: into-me-see. The more we let others see who we really are the more intimacy we generate with them and thus the more closeness, sharing and togetherness.  | Read More

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