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Trump: Thinking the Unthinkable

The media pundits keep scratching their heads asking why Trump and his supporters in DC are doing what they are doing, and then giving all manner of explanations to their own questions. As rational people they keep seeking rational explanations within the system they live in.  | Read More

A PERFECT DAY : January 1, 2018

(VISIT my “AUSSIE RELATIONSHIP GURU” page on Facebook to see some of the photos I took on this day, at    On the evening of January 1, 2018, I wrote: “Today I have experienced as possibly the most wonderful day of my life. It has constantly felt like my Life was unfolding from moment to moment, choice to choice, steps and smiles along the way as all being in perfect alignment and harmony with where I was exactly meant to be, and thus I keep reminding myself that I have arrived in the place that I have held as my ideal vision of Me and my life and I have arrived. I made it, in both meanings of that term: I made it (manifested and created it), and I made it (finally arrived)!!  | Read More

The War We Are Actually Winning (Ain’t You Proud?)

America has a fine tradition of declaring war on social issues that any half-wit with an ounce of knowledge of history would know would always fail.  | Read More

Weekly Relationship Horoscope

Weekly Astrology from December 16

Weekly Overview

This week is HUGELY important in that we have a LOT of energy doing 2 things together, and involving the same planets…

  1. Our minds are in high gear seeing and seeking answers from 10,000 feet, wanting the big picture and getting it, helped by…

2) Our visions are available and clear to be seen, molded, changed or kept. It is a refining process.

We will be feeling deep passion this week that can also be felt as anger if you are holding back on the passion. Your passion is saying “follow your visions”. Your anger occurs if you don’t. If you don’t trust them. If you don’t take action. If you don’t move to your visions.

Aligned beautifully with this is we will be really feeling our deep motivations and drives, our hungers and what feeds us, emotionally, spiritually and in love.

The next few weeks is a great time to add love to your life. Appreciate more the friends and family who love and support you. Have more art, beauty and objects in your life that you love. Buy quality, not quantity.

We go through yet another week of core revolution and freedom-seeking for our spirits and in our lifestyles.

In all of this we will be connecting yet again with old feelings of being unlovable and not of value and we are now also remembering that we in fact are loved and valued - especially by ourselves.

Consider all you have been through in the last few months, and years, and the fact that you never gave up. That is because you DO love and value you and reckoned you were worth it.

So we move forward with a new sense of us, and “it” - our lives, visions and goals - all being worth it!

We have a Full Moon in Cancer next Sunday which will bring us into focus with family and tribe and our responsibilities in them.

Peace and Love! - Gregory

©2018 Gregory Charles

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