What is The Living Game Seminar?

The Living Game seminar is an experience like no other to take you to the next level of your life, to open you to your heart and value, to connect you with your ability to create your visions. It does so in a powerful, playful and simple way. It is not therapy, but personal growth, with laughter and joy. Thousands of people around the world have proven it.

What will The Living Game Seminar do for you?

In the process of doing The Living Game seminar, you will resolve and heal old hurts. You will heal your body, remove limiting beliefs, conditioning, and fears and free yourself to be all of You, out of hiding. You will learn new ways of mastering and choosing your life.

Who should attend this Seminar?

Anyone who wants to experience 2012 with their highest potential should attend this seminar! The Living Game is a paradigm shift from the “old” life game that is based on guilt and blame, right and wrong, powerlessness and victimization, fear and pain, stress and worry: into a new way of living the Game of Life whereby you learn to take full responsibility for yourself and get full value for every moment of your life. In doing so you will heal and release the past, and so be able to focus on the present and choose your future - living life wholeheartedly as the wonderful adventure it is, in control.

What you will learn!

The Living Game seminar is learning new and profound ways to dis-cover your own deep answers, your visions and your path to them. Instead of fearing what may come you learn to embrace all of your life and to learn its lessons: growing from your tests and challenges, reveling in its beauty and mystery. You will experience your bigger Self, and take that with you into your life, connected to your higher Purpose!

To live a spiritual life is to live life with Spirit: with passion and joy, embracing yourself in the knowledge that you are on your unique loving journey of your own choosing and making, and that all that you attract and create along the way is perfect for your path of Self real-eyes-ation. It is time to create your Dreams into reality!

How much does it cost?

It works like this: You deposit $600 to show your commitment to do and to complete The Living Game seminar. (This is an introductory price!)

Gregory Charles matches your commitment by offering an unconditional money-back guarantee of value on this seminar, and everything he offers! If, upon completing the seminar, you got less value than you expected you get all or part of that deposit back, no questions asked. It is up to you. You decide!

If, upon competing the seminar, you got so much value feel free to contribute more!

Other Seminars by Gregory Charles

The Living Game Experience

The Living Game Experience (2 days) is the entry level seminar to do with Gregory Charles. In it you will explore and experience core tools and principles for successfully creating, navigating and living the life you envision for yourself so it works for you. This Gregory simply calls The Living Game.

The Living Game Fast Forward

The Living Game Fast Forward (2 days) is the next step in mastery, bringing more coaching from Gregory, learning how to more quickly identify patterns, beliefs and situations in your life and to make change rapidly and permanently.

The Living Game Residential Sex & Relationship Seminar

The Living Game Residential Sex & Relationships Seminar (10 days) is a highly advanced, in depth intensive opportunity to recreate your relationships and your sexual experience to fully express you, to bring full quality to you and those in your life.